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Taking care of our customers is our primary focus.

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Starting back in 1978, Siskin’s founder developed a line of innovative protection products and service programs in response to consumer demand. Siskin maintains it’s original philosophy of listening closely to customer needs and responding effectively. The needs of our clients continually strengthen our dedication and drive our execution towards exceptional service.

"At Siskin we acknowledge and appreciate you, our Customer, every day. I am proud of the culture we have created and the great people who make that happen. I personally pledge to you, service, support and an exceptional customer experience. Thank you for choosing Siskin, I know you will be happy that you did."

Bill Nisson, Founder & CEO 



Our team is here to serve your needs. From the moment you turn to us for help, you can expect a quick response, unparalleled service and support. We truly believe in the value of our finance and insurance products, and we know you and your customers will too.

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